When Survival fails there is always the Back-Up available. Back-Up consists of beds and mattresses and also sauna, coffee maker etc. needed for the Re-Start. Consider Back-Up as your safe exit plan where you can enter anytime.

The standardization process of the Snowhostel:

6.12.2022 Required Ramp provided for Disabled.
22.7.2022 Restringing The Snowhostel.
21.7.2022 Re-Start of The Snowöstel.
20.7.2022 Insulation added on the Walls.
2.3.2022 The Corona fades Out.
4.2.2022 The Torch delivered to Beijing.
27.12.2021 The Cannon moved to Kalli.
25.12.2020 The Torch enters the Cage.
25.12.2020 Lightning dies & gets autopsy: Frozen to death.
22.12.2020 Polar Bear dies due to too warm weather.
10.12.2020 Polar Bear reborns on the Yard.
18.11.2020 Hostel gets the Internet.
18.10.2020 The Space gets the Snow.
20.6.2020 Jerry escapes the Cage.
23.3.2020 Hostel gets the Corona.
25.12.2020 Auroras escape the Cage.
13.11.2019 The Door gets the Snow.
9.10.2019 Snow landed on the Space.
16.4.2019 Jack the Ripper arrested.
15.4.2019 Suomineito dies.
2.4.2019 Laila died (not in Snoho), Laila’s paintings added in the Room.
17.2.2019 Jack the Ripper enters the Field.
20.1.2019 The Cannon installed on the Yard.
14.1.2019 Blanket added in the Room.
10.1.2019 Suomineito enters the Field.
6.1.2019 The Heater added in the Room.
4.1.2019 Panic Button added in the Room.
4.1.2019 Lightning enters the Cage.
4.1.2019 Hupi enters the Field.
4.1.2019 Jerry enters the Cage.
2.1.2019 First Survival in the Room.
2.1.2019 Piggy enters the Field.
1.1.2019 Microwaves and the Freezer added in the Room.
1.1.2019 Sleeping bag added in the Room.
1.1.2019 Polar Bear dies in the Park.
31.12.2018 Official Opening of the Snoho
31.12.2018 First Test Sleep in the Room.
31.12.2018 Hostel gets the Face.
31.12.2018 3 Beds and 1 sofa in.
30.12.2018 First Break in the Room.
30.12.2018 Balls enter the Cage.
30.12.2018 Polar Bear enters the Park.
29.12.2018 Thermometer enters the Room.
29.12.2018 Auroras enter the Cage.
28.12.2018 Hostel gets the Snow.
24.12.2018 Hostel gets the Idea.

Active Santa Claus Wishlist:

25.12.2020 Team Pussypower insists open year-around.
27.11.2020 Savolaiset require the Palju.